Tips for Contents 6 for Small Business

A few years ago, a startup called Groove, which is making auxiliary software, was found several months before he used up money. Founder in this situation did unusual things for businessmen. They are working on the topic of content marketing strategy. After that they took a dramatic step of seamlessly communicating the story of the company on blogs, including disclosing real numbers. The result of this brave move? Today, the number of customers exceeds 6,000 and the annual turnover is 10 million dollars.

Let’s use the power of narration. The story is fundamental to the function of the human heart. So we build meaning and meaning to the world – just think about the power of myths that form a society and belief system. We talk about our life to learn about our life. Blog tests of the same content (both straight and stories and stories are truth stories) show that people spend more time in the story version and interact with more stories. Please tell the customer the story.
It is a real personal thing. It may seem dangerous, but if you can tell the truth about your business and yourself that suits your needs, it is honest and attractive. They respect risks and reliability. Due to customer concerns, did the organization first experience frustrated experiences? Have you started a business that you failed to start the current business and learned about it? If this story relates to your problem, to be honest they are interested.
Please do not make a mistake. Of course, it is easier than we did, but that is the key. How you do this depends on the nature of your business and your own imagination, but you need a unique perspective to distinguish your content from others. For example, Groove found an attractive point of view by linking her story with fundamental transparency. Ask yourself: Why do not read thousands of people reading my blog? What is the catch?
Create an editing calendar. By doing this, you can secure an appropriate path and post regularly to the channel you want to meet. It will also be surprising that big companies do not have a single edit calendar across the enterprise. Following crowdsourcing tips and suggestions, as topics and ideas gather, it will be easier and easier. The calendar can be as simple as a list of weekly magazine ideas, or it can be made more sophisticated using minor tweets and seasonal Facebook messages. It is important to nurture a faithful viewer that is regularly displayed on the appropriate channel.
Expanding content to multiple channels This is common sense, but is essential. When you publish your blog, you tweeting the link to it. If you post photos to Instant Gram, please tweet them together. Please post a link on your company’s Facebook page. We focus mainly on customers such as LinkedIn, Pinterest and Reddit. However, spreading messages over many channels takes little time. You will be surprised to find a new customer somewhere unexpected.
Use your own adventures, quests, and causes. All your content does not need to be present in your business, product, or service. Are you or some of your employees planning for adventure? White water kayak? Climb mountain? South American motorcycle travel? Do you want anyone to go nationwide to raise funds for charity? Video updates and blogs that record trips will provide an attractive content stream.

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