Nine opportunities for SMEs to return something

Too frequent, for those who are unaware, businessmen have bad names. It is not polite in our collective spirit that Gordon Gecco’s old image says, “Greediness that better words are wanted” is good.

But it turned out that the opposite of the truth was much closer.


Self employed is the most passionate and idealistic people. When you give up your comfortable work, give up on profits, pursue passion, put out a loan, open a shop, find new customers, and prepare to believe that you are beneficial Is it different? do you have? happiness? I will call it in idealism – the highest meaning of the word.

It is probably not surprising that self-employed people are among the most active people who return something to the community. Ultimately, the communities that support their business, the employees and the communities that make up their customers, and the communities that activate them.

How are you doing? Here are nine good options:

1. Becoming a mentor: One of the real problems of all reductions you see for budget cutbacks is that young people are less likely to meet mentors. Teachers and trainers are scattered and extracurricular activities disappear. Children need a mentor.

So, the place where you and your business make a big difference is our school and young people. It is very valuable to coach not only in business or entrepreneurial spirit but also in life.

Please do not stop while we are there. Mentor’s seniors, especially those who start working, are equally useful. You can do this in your local Chamber of Commerce, Sales Organization, or SCORE chapter.

2. Sponsor: Sponsor of the league’s small team. I will sponsor a concert. Co-sponsors of big events. Public TV sponsors. The value of sponsorship is doubled:

First of all, it is related to the poor budget period we find ourselves. The difference as a sponsor is often the difference between preceding events and not so. You become a hero.
Sponsorship is the best way to sell business smoothly. People look at your signs and connect you with a good feeling about the event. It is impressive with branding and sales.
3. Stop the veterinarian: Veterans in Iraq and Afghanistan now need to go home and work. Indeed, the unemployment rate of veterans, especially young veterans, is very high. Very high.

And ironically, these people are great employees. They learned to teach themselves, thinking themselves, working diligently, forming teams and achieving goals. What else do you want for your employees?

4. Hire interns: Students must acquire skills and request letters of reference. You have to work and it seems like a paradise match that does not spend a lot of money.

5. Reduction of the elderly and the poor: In order to raise the profits, it is not necessary to earn profit for each sale. By offering discounts to the elderly, they help them, they become loyal customers and recommend you.

And not only that, it feels good.

Provide services: If you are selling widgets, you need to provide widgets to various nonprofit organizations in that area. They received help and probably cost you little.

7. Give your charity a percentage of your sales: You will be amazed at the number of small businesses that are part of normal business practices. There is more than 5% of the charitable donation’s benefit, you can infer it, but the better is that it creates goodwill and good karma.

8. Provide employee health and wellness program: As with many others on this list, there are selfish and selfless gains in doing the right thing. It is a good thing to help your employees to be healthy and they will not hurt your medical expenses.

9. Go Green: Your business is easier than ever. It can save the planet, reduce costs, and certainly impress some of the population. For example, do you know that there are environmentally friendly alternatives for automobile clubs that provide roadside support and bicycle assistance? When you see, there are many similar programs.

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