National Small Business Week will return to April 30

The National Small Business Week returned from April 30th (Sunday) to May 6th (Saturday). This year I am traveling!

Week of SME

As part of ongoing collaboration with the US Small Business Administration (SBA), we offer hands-on workshops, live streams, events and webinars to help SMEs succeed.

Do not forget to join the conversation by following #WINinBIZ and #SmallBusinessWeek. You can also search for new content and resources with / NSBW.

Activity of this week:

April 30 (Sun)

SBA live stream – Social media advisory board
15: 00 ~ 16: 00 ET

We introduce tips and tips to improve customer loyalty and brand awareness using social media such as Microsoft, Facebook, Melanie Gass of Constant Contact etc.

Monday, 1st May

SBA Live Streaming – Washington DC’s National Small Business Start of Week
11: 30 ~ 14: 00

Please see the National Small Business Week Live official launch event in Washington DC. The SBA manager Linda McMahon is planning to announce the national character of the year for small business. If you are attending directly, it helps small-scale Microsoft Store experts to answer technical questions.

Tweet Chat – Founder and CEO of Small Business Trends Anita Campbell and Microsoft’s Maria Groeschel
13.30 – 14.30 ET

Maria Groeschel, managing director of Microsoft’s global marketing cloud service, and Anita Campbell, founder of Small Business Trends, lead the discussion of tweets about the business transformation of the cloud. Follow the conversation with hashtag #MSBizTips and # WINinBiz.

SBA Live Stream – Keynote Speech with Mike Pence Vice President
ET at 3 o’clock

Please access this live stream and listen to Vice President Mike Pons participating in the national small business week:

May 2 (Tue)

Facebook lives with SBA’s administrator Linda McMahon
11: 30 ~ 12: 00 ET

Join the SBA manager Linda McMahon and Facebook vice president and chief privacy officer, Erin Egan Policy and learn how to get started with chat on the fire side and business.

SBA Tweet chat – SCORE mentor moderated
12: 30 ~ 13: 30 ET

Join the discussion of the SBA sponsored tweet hosted by the SCORE mentor. Join us and follow the conversation with the hashtag # smallbusinessweek and # WINinBIZ.

Wednesday May 3

SBA livestream – US Small Business Week Tour in Indianapolis started
11: 30 ~ 13: 30 ET

The National Small Business Week National Tour is the first to be held in Indianapolis. If you are attending directly, it helps small-scale Microsoft Store experts to answer technical questions.

May 4 th (Thu)

SBA Live Story – National Small Business Week Tour ends in Dallas
12: 30 ~ 14: 30 ET / 11: 30 ~ 13: 30 CT

The National Small Business Week National Tour will be the second stop in Lone Star State to honor SMEs. If you are attending directly, it helps small-scale Microsoft Store experts to answer technical questions.

Webinar server 101
13 h 00 – 1 h 45 ET / 12 h 00 – 12 h 45 CT

Regardless of whether your company already owns the server, this 45 minute webcast will give you a good grasp of how the latest network server will help business. Learn more about professional advice, including information on protecting organizational data from disasters and maximizing IT investment. Register now to see how network servers are useful for your business.

Live chat with Small Business Week with JJ Ramberg
13: 30 ET / 12: 30 PM CT

Join this live chat with JJ Ramberg, the founder of Goodshop at msnbc’s “Your Business” host and introduce business, hints on how to build business and technology changes. Please sign up here.

Friday, May 5

SBA live stream – the end of the US small business tour in Fresno, California
12: 00 ~ 13: 30 ET / 9: 00 ~ 10: 30 PT

The National Small Business Week Tour will be held in Fresno, the largest city in California.

Microsoft Store Workshop
In addition to answering your technical questions, the Microsoft Store web site hosts a nationwide exclusive workshop to make LinkedIn Master. The main workshops are as follows.

LinkedIn: Expanding Business Network
In this 45-minute workshop, you will learn how to create attractive profiles and leverage new business opportunities. The workshop includes professional and professional photos

Build a business pipeline with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
In this 90-minute workshop, please see how social sales contribute to business success. LinkedIn Sales Navigator was specifically designed and developed for sales representatives. We combine the power of LinkedIn and our own sales skills to achieve sales to a new level.

If you are a student or entrepreneur, we also have a specially coordinated workshop tailored to your needs:

LinkedIn: Locking your profile for students
Students will learn how to create interesting LinkedIn profiles. Professional profile images are also included in the workshop.

Build your own business workshop
This workshop is an extended version of Microsoft’s Youth Spark program and will introduce business plans to participants.

The Microsoft Store will organize a series of special networking events to celebrate the small business week. Please see here for the detail. Let’s meet the people and learn how to support business growth by creating a network with small business owners in your community. Please visit, locate the local store and register for today’s event.

We are looking forward to celebrating millions of small business owners like you. For details on how Microsoft participates in the National Small Business Week celebration, please visit / NSBW.

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