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Jessica Matthews was working on a course project at Harvard University. This is the time I invented the football SOCCKET which will store the energy that the game will generate for later use as a portable power supply. The idea that games help solve the real problems of society, such as sustainable energy, STEM education, community health, later influenced his company Uncharted Play. The company is based on a platform based on the development of multi micro energy system such as SOCCKET and PULSE (battery jump rope).

Many small business owners may be aware that Jessica is dissatisfied with starting a business. This includes finding the right people and learning new business skills. In order to answer questions about these unknown subjects she asked counselors and partners for advice and expertise.

After six years of establishment, Uncharted Play continues to grow while maintaining the core vision of strengthening and empowering communities around the world. In addition, the company recently held a Series A round of $ 7 million. It is the largest of the A series produced by African Americans so far.

Form a team that encompasses the mission of the company under 10 obstacles to the ebook of Jessica and its travel to ten companies, including a way to overcome 10, under the obstacle of 10.

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