Four important ideas of National Small Business Week

This year’s US Small Business Week was a Small Business Administration (SBA) tour where hundreds of hands-on workshops, events, webinars, SBA director Linda McMahon visited the United States .

NSBW officially ended on May 6, why do not you spend your time keeping this momentum and recognizing the great work and influence of American small and medium enterprises everyday? ,

National Week for SMEs

Become a society

Social media is the focus of the NSBW event and consists of a stream of SBA live streams that provide a series of Twitter threads and social media tips. This panel, which includes Melanie Gas, the director of marketing for Microsoft partners and representatives from Facebook and Constant Contact, presents ideas to enhance customer loyalty and brand awareness of social media. Although the engagement options of many social media may seem difficult, there are simple steps to increase online presence on social networks without additional cost. Please see here for the detail.

To start early

Your entrepreneur’s passion is timeless. There is an incredible young entrepreneur who makes a difference. At the NSBW, I joined a number of Microsoft stores to participate in a workshop to build my business which is an extension of the Microsoft YouthSpark program, which enables young people to learn computer literacy. Current small business owners can support the training of young entrepreneurs by holding similar business planning workshops for local students. If you are a parent, please help your retirement business to understand the entrepreneurial spirit early and to better understand what you need to start a business. The first few years I spent at my grandmother’s garment factory, and my father’s accountant also touched me today. That is true for your child as well.

Create a link

During the NSBW, all eyes were in the millions of small businesses in the United States. Attention and many events that focus on SMEs, this is the best time to make a connection. But this opportunity will not end here. The location of the Microsoft Store provides a stream of constant events and activities. SBA also offers various opportunities related to region and country. Your local chambers of commerce are another wonderful resource. You can find various ways to advance the network one step ahead.

Number of innovations

At the inception of NSBW, Bank of America announced the Spring Report on Small and Medium Enterprises in 2017 and conducted a survey for 1,000 SME owners every six months. 75% of SME owners promote innovation in the workplace is a priority, 77% think that it is an important element of business success. As part of NSBW, the merit of ongoing innovation was provided in full screen mode when the SBA manager announced Maui · Brewing Company Garrett and Melanie · Marrero as a nationwide SME this year. Year.

Maui Brewing Company, based in Kihei, Maui, started making small 7 bottles of sake in 2005. Today, it is Hawaii’s largest craft beer maker. Their story is inspired by the commitment to ongoing innovation. Beyond beer, they opened new restaurants and made pubs and restaurants. They plan to hire 700 people by the end of next year. Please close the NSBW and take the hint of Mareros and plan the next phase of business such as online service development, technology improvement, new industry turmoil.

Beyond NSBW, please utilize the daily impact of small and medium enterprises. Please celebrate the courage to visit the website, refresh yourself, take care of students, appreciate the owners of neighboring SMEs, and pursue your dreams.

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