Digital conversion is a priority for SMEs

Digital conversion defined by Constellation Research is “How companies transform and create new business models and cultures with digital technology.”

Digital conversion is essential for all companies. Promote innovation and the use of new business models and use technology to improve the experience of employees, customers, partners and stakeholders. This will aggregate people, data and processes to create customer value and gain competitive advantage. Digital conversion can improve profitability, customer satisfaction, marketing of every business.

However, as many business owners are concerned about the cost of business and short-term revenue growth, they still can not adopt digital technology. However, as digital conversion is the key to business success, these concerns are uncertain. Your company can make the most of the changes and opportunities of today’s digital technology and ignore the amazing value these tools provide for large enterprises and small businesses. The real challenge for many companies is not whether or not to incorporate current technology into existing business processes. On the contrary, it is to maximize digital technology without compromising existing business functions.

If done carefully, the profit is huge. The change dramatically improves productivity and provides the competitive power necessary for a superior customer experience.

With digital conversion, employees can work better, faster, smarter

Every business wants people to be smarter, faster and more productive. To achieve this goal, we need innovative solutions that allow for unlimited collaboration, communication, and data sharing among employees.

Cloud-based productivity solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 help employees work at peak times and collaborate while eliminating time and creating simpler working environments. Use Office 365 features like the following: For example, you can focus on the most important emails. With @entions you can concentrate on what you need to be careful in order to attract others’ attention to your actions. The Office 365 group makes it easy to define specific teams, collaborate with members, share calendars, share files, capture and share notes with OneNote.

As competition intensifies, promoting creativity in the office is very important. With teamwork, employees can perform tasks faster and more efficiently and perform tasks. Progressive companies are aware of the value of collaboration, so that information does not stay on the silo.

Microsoft 365’s new chat-based workspace, the Microsoft team, provides a whole new collaboration for the team. When you start using the team you can immediately see what everyone on the team is doing. This tool’s collaboration tool provides employees with a single “portal” or “hub” to complete the work. The Microsoft team is summarizing people, conversations, and content for more productive operations.

Digital technology improves customer loyalty and improves customer experience

Customer satisfaction, loyalty and customer loyalty have always been important for the company’s survival and growth. A strong customer experience means more customers, more income, strong customer loyalty. Your business needs to spend time identifying potential customers and communicating with them at the right time and in the right place.

Once you understand your travels and behaviors, you can create a digital plan and choose the appropriate technology needed to find the right solution. Access to online customer relationship management tools that can track contact information, corporate site behavior, purchase and service behavior will greatly improve interaction strategies. consumer.

Many companies use technology to manage efficient and cost effective customer service. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you create personalized experiences with every contact with customers, from purchase to purchase. By collecting, analyzing and measuring customer data including social data, we can improve the quality of customer service. Innovative customer service technology like Dynamics 365 will help you deepen your understanding of your business and customers. Customer expectations continue to evolve. We adapt to the times and provide what customers expect from you.

Customers reach the enterprise through so many different channels. According to them, it may be difficult to give them a wonderful customer experience. To provide excellent service, we need good customer data. With appropriate digital tools you can save time, effectively manage your business and use business data to move forward beyond competitors. Microsoft Power BI is easily integrated with existing enterprise environments and can take advantage of analysis and reporting functions. By converting business data to rich visuals, collecting and organizing it, you can concentrate on important things.

In short, technology is changing the world of business. There is no doubt that digital conversion is no longer an option. To maintain competitiveness and survive, build a business that can quickly apply technologies and strategies to utilize digital technology.

The key to good technology is that it works for you. Regardless of the size of your business, start with a powerful digital conversion strategy and choose the technology that fits your business goals.

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