How is your business lost in cyber attacks?

Not long ago, I blogged about a new kind of cyber crime called ransomware. However, for cyber criminals it seems to be using the old way to break corporate systems. According to Cisco’s 2017 Cyber ​​security Annual Report, you can see that cybercrime is increasing. What is dangerous for your business is as follows.

How are cybercriminals involved?
As the number of highly complex cyber attacks increased, the Cisco report found that ‘classical’ attacks were also increasing. For example, adware that detects unwanted spam without collecting information from the user’s computer is a common attack method. In fact, spam has developed at a level that did not exist since 2010. According to this report, about two-thirds (65%) of all e-mails are spam and 8-10% spam is malicious.

Another risk for the company is that employees select and use their own third party cloud application on their computers. Respondents say that more than a quarter (27%) of cloud applications initiated by employees created security problems important to their business.

What do you support?
Of course, all cyber attacks are costly, but companies, especially small businesses, lose much more. Security breaches can affect all aspects of the target business, from operation and finance to brand reputation and retention.

More than half of the companies surveyed whose data were broken were audited publicly. They also suffered measurable losses.

29% of raped companies lost sales. 38% lost more than 20% of income.
After the cyber attack, 23% of companies lost their business opportunities. 42% of them lost more than 20% of new business.
22% of cyber attacks are losing customers. 40% of them lose more than 20% of customers.
How can I protect your business from cyber attacks?
In order to protect SMEs from cyber crime, we must always be vigilant to respond to new threats. Owner of small business can not bear this risk, as the numbers above indicate, as you are seduced not to mind. What is necessary to protect your business from cyber attacks?

Develop a cyber security practice for your business, including technical and behavioral safeguards.
Protect your system with automatic updates of firewall, antivirus software, operating system and software.
We regularly test the safety of the system. Cyber ​​criminals never get relieved.
Let’s make your employees the first line of defense. Please tell me the importance of keeping employees’ cyber security policy. For example, changing passwords, opening suspicious e-mails, downloading software, or connecting to an unauthorized cloud service on a computer is often a case. Company. If you do not follow the guidelines, please apply the results.
Identify common cybercrime ways. E-mails from someone at the company, or spam with unusual attachments and hyperlinks need to be wary.
In case of emergency, please always back up your data and choose a backup system to help you recover lost data quickly.
The most important step to protect your business from cyber crime is to take cyber security seriously. As a business leader, we need to model actions that employees must follow to protect data and networks from intruders. If you spend part of your time, effort and cyber security budget, you will find that employees seriously protect your business.

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